Who we are

Altum has been providing totally managed, multi-disciplined professional support service solutions throughout many industries for over many years. We are in the business of providing commercial solutions to problems, before, during and after the negotiation phase.

Altum delivers commercial success and our projects are completed to budget and on time. We provide integrated and seamless results for our clients' benefit.

Our innovative approach and dedicated commitment to find the best possible solutions for our clients has helped us build long term relationships. The company prides itself on the depth of professional experience of its staff combined with the appropriate utilisation of technology to deliver and exceed client values and expectations. We have a multi-disciplined capability which is made up of direct employees and a dedicated team of associates.

Our staff skills consist of quantity surveying and commercial management, planning and claims & dispute resolution. All Altum members have an extensive and wide ranging level of skill sets and experience. This provides you with either a 'stand alone' team or additional professional support to supplement your existing in-house commercial team.

Ethic and principles

Company is defined as a body of people living together in the same place for a common purpose.
Altum Compnay is defined by the individuals who live within it and by their relationships to each other.
Corporate Life creates a positive, challenging work group in which the individuals are able to prove their skills,
values, and identity. Altum corporate life provides the structure for an effective company through quality
services and meaningful business opportunities within the network. Altum corporate life also provides
it’s members the tools to hone their skills as life-long enterpreneurs. Each member is asked to individually
contribute to the organization to reach the goal with below principles.

1. Global Connection: Contribute to a network for the realization of a strong connection to one to another.
2. Global Research: Contribute to a network that encourages all members to meet their business goals.
3. Global Diversity: Contribute to an open community that encourages exploration of individual values and identity.
4. Global Civility: Contribute to a network to maintain clean community.
5. Global Ethic: Contribute to a safe community for all members with multinational ethic values covering local and global differences.